Peddlers Shop Precision Fit L3 AMC Road AMC

Peddlers Shop Precision Fit L3 AMC Road AMC
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Level 3 AMC Fitting - Our experienced fitter will first complete an interview, take critical measurements and perform a flexibility test. The fitter will then get to work on dialing in your fit with the help of advanced video capture (AMC). With this tool we can analyze your fitting in real time and drill down to the finest details. With the use of the AMC analysis and the results from your interview and flexibility testing you will be positioned to maximize your performance. This fit is perfect for a more advanced cyclist that wants to improve their comfort and performance. This fit can take between 2 to 3 hours. Follow up adjustments are free for the first year.

Also applies to mountain, Hybrid, cyclocross, dual sport, touring bikes.

Part Numbers

LAB45561237S LAB45561237S