"A bicycle shop cannot survive without diversity.  It must maintain a reputation of quality and experience.  So, it is the duty of the founders to honestly know the merits and pitfalls of their wares".  -  Richard Foster 1979


Our History:  Though we use 1972 as our inception date, The Peddler's Shop was actually opened in 1968 in Glassboro, NJ.  At the time only 3 speed touring and "Sting Ray" bicycles were primarily sold in every market.  A new concept from Europe had made it to the shores of the US, the "10 speed" bicycle was hot.  The shop sold many of the two wheeled wonders and made itself a reputation for quality bicycles and service at a reasonable price. 

Although the shop moved within Glassboro several times the philosophy remained.  The Peddler's Shop was sold in 1972 to James Hughes, who loved the idea of working on bicycles and wanted a business of his own.  In 1983, with another business taking up much of his time, Jim realized he needed help. Chris Foster was a business student and avid cyclist, he took over day to day operations of the Main street location.

Business grew and opening another location was in order.  At the time a new shopping center near the Deptford mall was opening, the new location was opened in Deptford in 1986.  As the business grew help was elicited from a good friend, Charlie Nelson. Chris and Charlie worked side by side growing the business during a time when the bike industry was evolving at a rapid pace.  During those early years a young Shawn Laundra applied for his first job as shop mechanic.  Shawn eventually became a fixture at the store and is currently part owner and full time manager.

With the early inspiration, advice and knowledge from his brother Rich, the business acumen from his friend and partner Jim Hughes and the dedication of numerous employees and thousands of customers Chris took great satisfaction in his job.  Now Chris and Shawn continue to make improvements to the store to guarantee they are offering the best in cycling.

While times have changed our dedication to finding and fitting our customers to the best quality bicycles and equipment in the world has not wavered.  Knowing our wares and honestly being aware of the merits and pitfalls while maintaining a reputation of quality is something we take very seriously.  We approach every cyclist (and their bike) with the same attention to detail that has kept our customers returning since at least 1972.


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