Peddler’s Shop Cycling Club is an amateur bicycle club whose primary purpose is to promote participation in cycling activities for both active people and competitive athletes while helping them to achieve their physical goals.  We support multisport participation and healthy lifestyles through group rides, training rides, events and other educational activities.  Our primary emphasis is on each rider’s safety, while at the same time fostering friendships and camaraderie, celebrating individual and group accomplishments.  The club is dedicated to making a positive impact on our community through raising awareness and funds for those stricken with illness by participating in and fund raising for charity bicycle events in the surrounding area.  PSCC is committed to a compassionate and caring endeavor in our community and promoting awareness of environmental stewardship. 


Mandatory Helmet Policy: Peddlers Shop Cycling Club requires all club members to obey the mandatory helmet policy on any organized training rides or charity events.


Rules of the Road: Peddler’s Shop Cycling Club members are required to follow traffic laws. Peddler’s Shop Cycling Club’s policies for safe group rides include any organized training ride.  It is your responsibility to be aware of the policy regarding ride conduct, which includes but is not limited to: foul language, yellow line violations, erratic handling etc.  If you are unsure please ask for instruction.  Our main concern is safety and proper representation for our sponsors.


Copyright of Peddler’s Shop Cycling Club: Unauthorized use of Peddler’s Shop Inc. or Peddler’s Shop Cycling Club or any of its sponsors name or images is not allowed. Please forward any requests to represent the Peddler’s Shop Inc by letter, fax, or e-mail to 1907 Deptford Center Road, Deptford, NJ 08096 856-228-7800 (phone), 856-228-0692 (fax) or