Our exclusive 10 year service plan - Free with every bike we sell

We appreciate the fact that you have many different choices to consider when it comes to your bicycle purchase.  Selection, price, proper fit, service, the list goes on.  We strive to offer the best in every category.  We are very proud of our service warranty and believe it offers our customers the most comprehensive follow up service plan in the industry, we hope you agree. So before you buy your next bike from anyone else, ask in detail about their service after the sale then ask them to put it in writing.

Free Tune ups -We understand bicycles are dynamic and need occasional adjustment, no matter how well it was assembled.  We also understand a properly adjusted bike will perform better and last longer.  We recommend every bike have a basic tune up at least once a year. If you buy your bike from us we will do that tune up, as many times as you need, for 10 full years. You may also choose to apply the value of that basic tune up as a credit toward any of our other more advanced tune ups. Its that simple bring the bike in for its FREE tune up as often as you like for 10 years.

Flat tires - We know if you use your bike you will get a flat.  We feel if you bought your bike and the tube from us, the least we can do is waive the labor fee for installing the tube.

Accessories - Add ons and accessories can make your cycling experience so much more enjoyable.  If you decide you want to add something to your bike like a cyclometer or lights (or any other accessory purchased through us) we will gladly waive the labor fee for installation.

As with any warranty there are some limits, the image below is a copy of the actual certificate we provide with every new bike we sell (yes we put it in writing). 

If you have any questions regardig this warranty stop in or contact us we will be glad to explain the plan in detail.  Or just ask one of the thousands of happy customers who have bought bikes from us over the past 3 decades.